Clothes & accessories for little girls (and boys.. coming soon)

Petit Playground has launched! In case you aren’t following us on Facebook and Instagram (why??) this one-stop website that sells outfits for little girls (boys coming soon I heard) is now live! The little Anna & Elsa dress is soo cute I wish I had a little girl.. hehee.

Also, our sub-line, Wind Fairy Junior is sold on the website too! You can’t buy these anywhere else! Isn’t that snowflake charm just exquisite?

Too cute! Pair this Elsa necklace by  with  Anna dress or Elsa dress perfect for this raya! Oh, and mommy gets a free brooch matching lil one's necklace courtesy of   Follow  ok!

So if you are mommy or you know of other mommies who are looking for fresh new portal selling essentials for junior, here is the place.

Click to now!

Come out and play!

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Proud to be one of Sincerelybyus (SBU) Boutique’s partners!

Hello fairylovers,

If you are following us on social media you would know by now, we are officially joining a boutique!

Dear , it's time to celebrate! From now onwards you will be able to try, hold, touch, hug, etc etc (err... no licking please!!) our exclusively handmade dreamcatchers and accessories BEFORE you decide to buy! What's best is, you can also choose a range of outfits, shawls.. basically your whole wardrobe can come from this one store. SO EXCITINGGG I CANNOT EVEN!! So come celebrate with us ya! We are so very proud to be a part of SBU Official Partners! Save the date! >> 14.06.14, 11am to 9pm <<

It’s a new experience for us so do come and support us! We heard that The Wind Fairy herself will be manning the section…

See you this Saturday.

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Something for the little ones!

Mommies, something new and exciting is coming your way… :)

Watch. this. space!


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Accelerace 2014: An experience

Picture courtesy of KDU Entrepreneurial Design Facebook Page

Last month, we joined in a unique one-day entrepreneurial challenge organized in conjunction with the launch of the new Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) in Cyberjaya. 

At first we were hesitant because:

1) It was a business challenge! (What if they asked about equilibrium, or how to balance a sheet??)

2) Six-month old baby at home constantly wanting attention, AND the fact that he was still being breastfed is going to make it extra challenging for me.

3) Let’s face it – there are going to be a lot of kids at this event – and I am going to be too old for this!

But then it turned into work. Our dear friends at KDU University College’s Entrepreneurial Design programme were keen on bringing their students in for this challenge.. and each team needed an entrepreneur. Plus, the POTUS, Obama himself might be there! So in steps The Wind Fairy. :)

Our registration details:

Team Name: Creventive

How would you describe your team in 3 words? Creative, inventive, distinctive.

What sets your team apart from the other teams? We are design entrepreneurs who think differently from your average entrepreneur. In problem-solving we look at the issue from the creative angle, visualizing and illustrating all potential ideas in our minds before executing them in the most innovative way possible. The fact that a lecturer and two students are combining force also should give us an advantage, giving us an edge in brainstorming a wider range of solutions for varied target audiences. We know, dare, and are proud to be different!

Registration day came. We had to leave our houses as early as 6.30am to reach Cyberjaya. As I entered a small tent-building to get my security pass done, the usher there brought me to the end of the long queue, only to find out much later that I was in the wrong queue… the first unofficial challenge of the day. I discovered much later that even the two students whom I were teaming up with, Sarah & Kris, got passes that were not meant for the contestants.

As the race was about to start, we were pumped. We were briefed that it was NOT a ‘race’ in literal sense, that it was not about who reached the finish line first. The challenge was actually to collect the most points to win. I was relieved. I am no match for running with these younger people! In my mind: we might actually win this.

Then came the first checkpoint. The challenge was something like this (in fact, some of the questions are exactly the same…). In my mind, with all the panic: we are doomed.

The second checkpoint was quite unfair, in my opinion, because we had to be interviewed and there was only one person interviewing – which meant there would be a queue of groups actually waiting to be interviewed. We lost a lot of time here. By the time we reached the third checkpoint – most of the other teams were already at the fourth and fifth ones. In other words, it was about who was the fastest, after all.

To me one of the checkpoints worth mentioning was the fifth one, where we had to brainstorm ideas for an online T-shirt company and pitch it to Noel, an online marketing guru. It’s also the most relevant one for my students as they had to brainstorm website ideas and designs for t-shirts. I hope they were able to get something useful out of the experience. ;)

2014-04-26 13.22.23

There were supposed to be 9 checkpoints altogether, but we didn’t manage to complete two of the final checkpoints because we ran out of time. We adhered to the 1pm-2pm lunch break which was noted on the race guide, where it clearly mentioned the race was going to be ‘paused’. But because we followed the guide too closely, we actually lost one precious hour! I guess what they are trying to teach us is… in business… there are always exceptions to the rules.

2014-04-26 19.19.27

The race ended with us having 30 mins to compile videos and images to create a 60 second video using only Windows Movie Maker or our phones. See our final video made solely using an iPhone4s here.

Overall, the race was an experience. As you might have guessed, we didn’t win. But the highlight of the event was when Kris & I managed to catch a glimpse of the President of the United States himself as he came to visit the MaGIC building in Cyberjaya. Big thanks to KDU University College & the Department of Creative Arts for giving us this opportunity.

So… what did I learn from this competition? Rules mean nothing and time is never on your side. I end this entry with a picture of two esteemed leaders that graced our Accelerace closing ceremony and the launch of MaGIC.

Thanks for reading!

2014-04-27 14.53.34

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Buy a Lee Min Ho-inspired dreamcatcher from The Heirs / The Inheritors korean drama series!

Helloooooooo 2014! *dusts off blog* Can’t believe it’s been a year since our last post and since our online store was launched. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you lovely, lovely beautiful people who have supported us throughout the journey.
For starters here are some teasers of what’s to come.. we’ve been blessed with a little baby boy last October but now things will resume as usual… *hopefully* and we will be reopening the store very, very soon!
We appreciate the e-mails and PMs that have been coming in during our maternity leave, we’re truly sorry we couldn’t cater ASAP but we hope to help you out with your custom orders right away!
If you’re a fan of the korean drama The Inheritors / The Heirs featuring Lee Min Ho, you’ll love our latest addition which will be uploaded on store sometime this month. Also, new beaded bracelets with heart-shapes that remind you of candy… and more hair accessories!
Do these make you feel like having some candy?
Thumbelinas created especially for Ikal Mayang to bring to Busan International Film Festival last October!
A recap of 2013: It was hectic even towards the very end of our pregnancy term! Thanks to the Ikal Mayang team, Women:Girls & Ida Nerina, our hairbands are currently a hit everywhere in the world! Here are photos courtesy of Ikal Mayang featuring our Thumbelina hairbands…
‘s exclusive hairband spotted in Brunei Darussalam as our director films her
Our favourite actress Sharifah Amani trying out our Thumbelina at the private screening of Ikal Mayang shorts at GSC One Utama earlier in 2013! We love her so damn much wei.. was practically beaming when she tried it on.. <3
It’s been a great year and hopefully 2014 isn’t any different if not better!! Here’s to a great 2014. Happy new year everyone!!
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New online store has launched!

Hello people! Happy new year!

Yes, the blog has gotten a little dusty.

But a new year calls for new beginnings.

Sign up at our spanking brand new online store for product browsing, updates on new products and especially to get your hands on our dreamcatchers and accessories!

Of course, you don’t need to register to purchase.. but it will make the process easier, I promise!

If there’s something you like and it’s not on our store… why not drop us an e-mail at Let us know. We’d love your feedback.

For now, only PayPal checkouts are available. Online bank transfer is coming your way very, very soon. So, sign up for your PayPal account here.

See you in-store!

The Wind Fairy

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Supplies update

I have good news and bad news…

Just a note: Due to high demand on our products (good news), we’re no longer selling our supplies like beads and leather strips until further notice (bad news hehe).

Thanks for your interest!

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Dream-catcher making workshop!

Thinking of the perfect gift for your favourite sister or best friend? What better than a handmade dreamcatcher? Learn how to make one (and get the materials to make them for free!) with us on 10th Nov 2012 at Hello Deer (next to Wondermilk, Uptown Damansara) from 3pm to 6pm for only RM80. There’ll be a spread of yummy food as well! What are you waiting for?? Our fans get to reserve a spot with us before it’s open to the public. Come on.. e-mail us at before it’s too late.
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New Website!

We’re gonna be slowly moving on to :) it’s still under construction, but you can go see some of it’s awesomeness by directing your browser HERE!

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